Scratching, sleeping, lolling about, playtime... We’ve got everything covered.

Express your individual style and personality in a way that your cat would be proud of!

Every cat carer knows it. Corrugated cardboard is a natural, eco-friendly material that works like a magnet on cats. It’s enough to bring a cardboard packaging home and it’ll soon find a furry admirer. But living with piles of cardboard boxes around is far from pleasant... And this is where myKotty furniture enters the stage.

We all know how sharp the edge of a paper sheet can be. That’s why when we were designing our LUI and VIGO scratchers, we were driven by the following priority: SAFETY. We adopted a special cutting technology that let us make an unbelievably smooth surface. We combined two apparently mutually exclusive features: 35,520 perfect perforations to let cats sharpen their claws and a super-safe suede surface to let them sleep and play on.


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