Hi, we’re Marta and Mariusz, the founders of myKotty. Like you, we are happy cat owners, and we love our pets like members of our families. We spent a lot of time looking for some cool products for them, which inspired us to start our own project. And so in 2012 we launched myKotty. Today, it’s our passion and a way to make a living, which keeps us preoccupied all the time.

Over 10 years ago, we adopted an amazing shelter cat whom we named Luis. He was the inspiration behind our first piece of furniture – LUI. Luis was a typical indoor cat. A human, a couch, and food (not necessarily in this particular order) was all he needed.
In the meantime, we took in another cat. We called him Figo. He became the inspiration for our second product – VIGO. Figo was a natural born hunter – he would hunt anything that moved. He’d always gnaw at something and approach us with his ‘cat talk’. To him, life was about fun.

What followed later was a harmonious collaboration that resulted in a growing number of new products. Each of them was thoroughly tested by our furry boys. Unfortunately, Luis and Vigo are no longer among us, but they’ll remain in our hearts and memory forever.

Like every true cat owner, we know that cats are basically in charge of everything, but it’s up to us to take care of the small things. We understand cats and what we do at myKotty is always with their health (both mental and physical) in mind. We know virtually all about cat behavior and needs, which is why our products are designed to be functional in the first place. Our passion for what we do and our obsession with detail are manifested in each of our products being manufactured in Poland, by people who consider excellent quality as important as we do.
 At the same time, we take the needs of hoomans into account as well. :) We believe that cat furniture can be beautiful, contemporary, and go well with designer interiors while remaining practical and offering an unforgettable ‘user experience’ to your cats.