SPACE KOTTY Smart Litter Box

SPACE KOTTY Smart Litter Box

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According to vets, this smart litter box may save the lives of thousands of cats. It monitors cats' health and eliminates viruses. SPACE KOTTY is a small step for cats, but a great step for humanity in taking care of cats' health.

It monitors cat’s weight, frequency and time of visits to the box, eliminates bacteria, viruses and unpleasant odors, re-orders litter automatically, sends alerts to any worrying symptoms to your mobile phone… and there’s even more!

It’s available for PRE-ORDER now. Shipping in December 2023.
Our Kickstarter campaign for SPACE KOTTY ended successfully in September 2020 and helped us raise $39,885 towards bringing it to life. Join the community of SPACE KOTTY smart litter box enthusiasts and preorder yours now.

Available in 3 versions: DESIGN, FRESH, and SMART.


Our mindset while designing our products is always to make them both useful and beautiful. SPACE KOTTY is no different - it has been designed to create “beauty out of this world” for a much-needed update to old-school litter box design. The result is a litter box that is unique and eye-catching with a futuristic look and feel, becoming a much-welcome aesthetic addition to your home. You won't have to hide it in the other room when the guests come over, trust us.

The DESIGN version features:

  • the litter box at its loveliest (patented)
  • an ergonomic litter scoop
  • a litter tray
  • 3 modes of use: closed, semi-open, open



SPACE KOTTY can be used both as a closed and an open litter box, depending on your cat's preferences. You can use it in 3 variants: closed, semi-open (door detached), open (whole front detached).



In order to easily move the litter box it's been featured with an ergonomic handle on the back and wheels at the front.

Scooping is easier than ever before. We've spent a lot of time designing - and creating - the most convenient and functional scoop ever. SPACE KOTTY's dedicated scoop resolves the irritating problem of most cat parents - scattering waste while transporting it. The scoop is always at hand - it is attached to the ceiling of the litter box using magnets.

You can use any type of litter you prefer. We've designed a user-friendly and easy-to-remove litter tray. The tray is light and features handles on both sides, which makes it easy to remove used litter. It is also very easy to wash.


This version comes with all the features of the DESIGN version, and:

  • a professional and effective germicidal UV-C lamp
  • an activated carbon pollen filter
  • a quiet and efficient fan
  • 110V-230V cable power supply

Thanks to these, your SPACE KOTTY will remain purr-fectly clean. Say goodbye to germs, viruses, and bad smells.


Professional UV-C germicidal lamp by market leader OSRAM effectively neutralizes viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi. UV-C is a proven technology for sterilization and purification. With UV-C technology it is possible to destroy more than 99.9% of all pathogens within seconds, without addition of chemicals and without harmful side effects. It's a highly efficient and reliable solution. The UV-C lamp used in SPACE KOTTY sterilizes the litter box and eliminates unpleasant odors. It activates only when your cat is outside the litter box and when the door is closed - in order to keep your feline friend totally safe. To make SPACE KOTTY “the cleanest litter box ever”, the system also utilizes a quiet but highly efficient system composed of a fan combined with an activated carbon pollen filter to nix smells.


This is the most advanced version of SPACE KOTTY possible. It is truly an innovation. Apart from all the good stuff featured in the DESIGN & FRESH options, it comes with:

  • a cat health monitoring feature
  • a system of alerts and notifications to any worrying symptoms
  • a litter auto-ordering system (patent pending)
  • a multiple-cat recognition and monitoring system
  • optional battery power supply
  • a mobile app


The mission of SPACE KOTTY smart litter box is to take the best care paw-sible of your furry friend.


According to veterinarians, early detection of health issues in cats is critical to improving outcomes and preventing potential chronic diseases. In cats, urologic conditions and obesity are among the two most common concerns. SPACE KOTTY addresses these concerns by monitoring your feline friend's potty behavior and weight - and alerting to worrying symptoms. The monitoring results history saved in the app is very valuable while visiting a vet.


  • frequency - how often your cat visits the litter box,
  • time - how much time it spends inside the litter box,
  • waste amount - how much deposit your cat makes in the litter box,
  • cat's weight - what is your cat's weight each time it visits the litter box.


SPACE KOTTY is a guardian of your cat's physical condition. The parameters mentioned above are saved and analyzed using algorithms created with vet professionals to alert you to potential issues. If there's anything wrong with your feline friend - you'll know it as soon as possible. Notifications will be sent to the app on your mobile phone.

In addition, particular events will also be signaled by cat-shaped LED lights placed on the sides of the litter box:

  • alerts related to the cat’s condition - lights glow red
  • severe alerts related to the cat's condition - lights glow red and the litter box beeps
  • change the battery - lights glow blue
  • change the litter - lights glow green
  • the cat is inside the litter box: lights glow white


* patent pending 

For the first time in the litter box industry, SPACE KOTTY automatically re-orders litter when supplies are running low. It does so by monitoring the quantity of unique litter inserts, which are each RFID tagged. The app keeps track of how many are used, how many are in stock, and predicts when the current litter supply will finish. When the last litter insert is placed in the litter box, the app re-orders. Of course, it's your choice whether you want to use the auto-ordering system and SPACE KOTTY specific litter inserts or not - if you wish, you can stick to your present litter and its traditional changing method (see the video below).


SPACE KOTTY can monitor multiple cats. Each cat is recognized and identified by an RFID gate built into the litter box entrance that reads cat's RFID neck implant. In the United States and EU, all breeding cats, and most pet cats, have this RFID chip. If your cat doesn't have an implant - no worries at all - an RFID collar can be used instead.


Tired of cords cluttering your space? No worries. SPACE KOTTY is cordless, using a battery power supply so that it can be placed in the best spot in the house. Thanks to that it also guarantees uninterrupted work and monitoring even without power. After charging, the battery lasts for eight to ten days. This is an optional feature at an additional cost - the price will be $150 and it will include 2 rechargeable batteries and a charger. You'll be able to add this option to your order shortly before the product is ready for shipping (February 2021).


All the monitored information is saved in the app which provides health statistics that you can browse - and sends alerts when something's going on with your cat. App also helps maintain all aspects of a cat’s health by including: a vet visit scheduler, disease history entries, history of vaccinations, and upcoming surgeries or vaccinations. Moreover - as mentioned before - it tracks the use of and re-orders litter.